The Most Popular Flash Games of 2014

The world of flash videos has indeed come a long way in recent years. So, what are some of the most popular flash games in 2014 and what aspects make them so enjoyable to play?


The premise of this game is rather simple. The player takes on the role of a blacksmith who is trying to equip an army of pig warriors (yes, you read that correctly) for battle. The player can collect gems, armour and other items while overseeing numerous characters. Jacksmith is seen to be a combination of a traditional flash game and a role-playing platform.

Mother Load

Think of Mother Load as the modern version of the Atari classing “Dig Dug”. The player operates a remote drilling unit and must avoid objects such as falling boulders. Thanks to flash technology, this digger can be upgraded during game play and items such as explosives and even a quantum teleportation unit will be added. With such modularity and add-on features, any fan of Dig Dug will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Super Mario 63

This is the flash version of Mario 64 (hence the title) and users can expect the same quirky action from this two-dimensional variant. Numerous levels are offered and players can use classic features such as power-ups, triple jumps and sprints. For any Mario aficionado, Super Mario 63 is not to be missed.

Of course, there are countless other flash games which are equally exciting and captivating. As this technology is only expected to become more enhanced in the future, it has never been easier to encounter a game which will provide hours of entertainment.