Popular Online Action Games

Online games dominate the entertainment market and action games are right in the think of it. Most games now fall into a hybrid of the classical gaming genres, many containing action elements. RPG’s, for example, started out with turn based combat systems but have now shifted to incorporate action elements. The same can be said of many other genres. Below are some of the current popular games that have action elements in them.

MechWarrior Online is primarily an action / shooting game with RPG elements. Players pilot giant robots, called BattleMechs, from a first person view point and use teamwork to seize objectives and score damage against the opposing team. The game is produced by Piranha games and uses a ‘free to play’ model.

Destiny is the newest project from Bungee, the company known for creating the Halo franchise. Players work cooperatively as ‘Guardians’ to solve mysteries and save humanity from Alien threats. The game has RPG elements of character development as well as upgradable equipment.

Titan Fall is a team based game where points are given for kills. The game is technically a shooter, however the physics engine allows for a variety of free running style stunts and maneuvers that make it very action packed. Players can play as a foot soldier or summon one of several ‘Titans’, mechanical battle suits that can be piloted or controlled by remote.

Wildstar is an massively multiplayer online role playing game whose combat system is very action and puzzle oriented. There is a strong focus on ‘telegraphs’, colored areas where enemy attacks will happen, that forces a player to constantly move, dodge and retaliate.

League of Legends is an area style battle game where players control one of hundreds of characters, each with a unique skill set. gameplay is primarily base capturing, with several different maps an styles. Also a popular e-sport.

Action games are varied and increasingly popular, online varieties especially.