Different Types of Poker Games

Poker is one of the oldest and most well-known casino games in the world. Over time, many variations have become available along with different styles and types of poker; with the arrival of the Internet, these are all easily accessible to online players.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most played version of poker, but of course there are other versions. Texas Hold’em’s popularity has increased over the last decade with thanks in part to the large influential tournaments that now grace the game. It is a simple game on the surface with each player being dealt just two cards. This first round is when players can bet or fold. Then comes round two; three cards are dealt face up in the centre of the table, and then again players can take their turn to stick, fold, bet etc. A fourth card is added to the centre and finally a fifth. These centre cards are used by the players to create the best hand possible. The round ends when players turn their cards face up and reveal who has the best hand.

Other Poker Variants

Hold’em may now be the most popular, but there are many other poker versions still commonly played. Some of these include Omaha, Five-Card Draw, Seven-Card Stud, and Follow the Queen, just to name a few. Omaha for example is very similar to Hold’em and can take as many as ten players, the main difference being that players are dealt four starting cards and the five centres or community cards are displayed instantly. Both Seven- and Five-card poker versions deal players that number of cards and from those hands the player must create the winning hand. In addition, all of these games can be found in video versions at online casinos.

With so many types on offer, it is easy for players to find a game type that suits them.