A Beginners Guide to Online Poker

Online poker is as it implies – poker played online instead of sitting around the table – which you can play on various websites that offer different games with either virtual chips or real money.

Unlike live poker or tournaments, online poker generally comes with smaller betting amounts, and you can play anytime or anywhere, but usually you will play against strangers, which may take some time to get used to, as most of the time you won’t see the other players.

In online poker games typically tables are offered for 2, 5 or 10 players, and if you are new to online poker it is generally recommended that you play at 10-man tables.

Winning online poker games can be trickier than if you were playing in person due to, as mentioned before, the fact that you don’t usually see the other players, meaning you can’t tell if they are bluffing or not. So as a start it’s good to play conservatively and not bet too high, or play your hand if you are unsure whether you will win or not.

Many websites offer promotions, which include free money to bet with, and using this can help you gain some practice before betting your own money, pokerpromotion.co.uk has written a great article on how to utilize risk-free poker bankrolls.

Some online poker websites even offer in-depth guides on how the game works and how to play effectively on their website. It is highly recommended that you utilize these if you are a beginner to poker.

Getting started with online poker is easier than some people may think. The first thing you need to do is choose a room on any online poker website that you feel is a good match to suit your needs, and that offers practice tables.

Practice until you feel comfortable and have a grasp of how online poker works, and don’t be afraid to try different strategies and techniques.